Access Control

Electronic access control provides the most efficient and convenient way of restricting unauthorized entry. At Smart Systems Security we offer a wide range of access control solutions from audio video entry systems (Intercoms) to a large door access control system.

Control devices range form a simple code punch locks right up to a multi level systems that can control individual access rights and provide management information.

  • Control who has access to your home and business eliminating the expense of changing locks and issuing keys.
    Why Access Control?
  • Our intercom systems come in wired and wireless units with optional dialing facilities on a mobile phone or land line you can control access to your property at the touch of a button.
    Intercom Systems
  • Control individual doors via a pin or swipe system perfect for small applications with lower security risk.
    Stand Alone Access
  • Put the control back in your hands with pc based access we can interlock doors, produce audit reports of staff movements and much more.
    Multi Door Systems

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Secure the access to your property with our wide range of automated gate solutions.

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